Emergency Services:

If you have chest pain which has persisted for longer than 10 minutes - call 000 and get an Ambulance.

For severe breathing problems also call 000 for an Ambulance.

If the patient has a serious injury or is too ill and cannot walk unassisted call an ambulance.

This will save time getting a comprehensive assessment and treatment. It will also reduce the risk of falls and injury.

For minor injuries, lacerations or minor limb injuries advise the Receptionists or Clinic Nurse who will arrange your care.

If you are a registered regular clinic patient with a sick child please advise the staff of the child's problem and your concerns. If necessary the Duty Doctor will decide if the appointment needs to be brought forward.

It is our Clinic policy to offer all ILL registered children same day appointments whenever humanly possible.

Sick newborn and toddlers should be seen without delay. Always mention to the Clinic staff the child’s age and condition. The Duty Doctor ONLY and the responsible Parent/Carer will decide on the level of urgency required.

The urgent care of very ill patients has precedence over all others.

ECG (cardiac testing) is available.

The Clinic is equipped with an AED device (Automatic External Defibrillator).

Child Health:

  • Newborn health problems or concerns
  • All childhood immunizations
  • Six weeks old baby checks
  • Four year old comprehensive assessments **
  • Preschool immunizations
  • General medical care for all children and adolescents

Young Adults:

  • General medical care
  • Contraception and sexual health advice
  • Pap smear tests **
  • Family and pre-pregnancy planning
  • Pregnancy testing
  • General brief counselling for life issues **
  • Psychological distress and depression **


  • All aspects of adult medical and psychological care (all ages): diagnosis and management.
  • Complex medical problems e.g. Diabetes, Heart disease, Asthma and Lung disease, Gut disturbances, Arthritis, Neurological symptoms, gut and urinary.
  • Chronic fatigue, Lyme disease diagnosis and treatment (Dr Hugh Derham only)
  • Iron infusions

Well Woman Care: ***

  • Pap smears, breast checks, Menopause management, general health assessment including osteoporosis risk.
  • Complex menopause management issues including those following treatment for cancer (Dr Lesley Ramage)
  • Risk assessment for heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and skin.

Well Man Checks:

  • General health assessment including prostate checks.
  • Yearly or 2 yearly PSA tests are currently recommended by this clinic if appropriate for the individual.
  • Risk assessment for Heart disease, Stroke, Cancer, Diabetes and Skin cancer.

Sexual Dysfunction:

  • For Males: Erectile dysfunction, Premature ejaculation, Loss of Libido.
  • For Females: Pain during sexual intercourse (dyspareunia), vaginal dryness or discharge, Loss of libido.
  • For both sexes: desire discrepancy with Partners.
  • Comprehensive STD (sexually transmitted disease)checks male and female.

Skin Checks and Treatment:

  • For comprehensive skin, mole and skin cancer assessments please allow for one consult time (15min).
  • Assessment and treatment of rashes and skin lesions.
  • Removal of skin cancers, moles, and cysts if appropriate and safe to do so.
  • Liquid nitrogen freezing of warts and some sunspots.
  • Ingrown toenail treatment.

Chronic Disease Management:

  • Comprehensive care of Diabetes mellitus, Asthma, Chronic lung Disease, Osteoporosis and Arthritis and Neurological disorders is available.
  • Care Plans for established clinic patients can be prepared when appropriate.

Spinal and Musculoskeletal Pain ***

  • All aspects of spinal and/or pelvic pain, headache and musculoskeletal pain assessment and treatment.
  • Treatment modalities include neuromuscular techniques such as Strain/Counter strain (as per Jones technique). Trigger point and myofascial release. Spinal manipulation when indicated.
  • Prolotherapy, if indicated for some joint arthritis or ligament injuries.
  • For patients with Neuropathic pain coming from peripheral nerves Neural prolotherapy is available.

See FAQ’s for further details for details of the above.


  • Acute injuries general and sports (walking wounded only)
  • Motor Vehicle injuries acute and chronic
  • Worker's compensation injuries and claims

Legal and Employment Issues

  • Insurance and Employment medical assessments
  • Medico legal assessments and report

Other Services provided or available on site

  • Home visits for very ill or immobile patients (Practice patients only)
  • After- hours locum service (Emergency Home visits)
  • Nursing Home care
  • On site pathology collection centre (St John of God Pathology)

Clinical Dietitian & Credentialed Diabetes Educator

  • Services include general diet and nutritional advice
  • Specific diabetes care including EPC participation
  • Weight loss for adults and children

Please Note

** Allow for 30 minutes consultation time
*** Allow for 45 minutes consultation time

Emergency Numbers

St John’s Ambulance:




Poisons Information: